Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Becca Upate

Okay so I'm pretty sure that not only is Brooke stuck, but Becca is somewhere behind the crib too! If you look close enough you might see her. It's really not true and I have talked with my sister many, many times since that post and her real reason for not blogging.... well you can read it here...

Nesting has been in full force and I often spend my evenings looking for
something that can be scrubbed with pinesol. The smell is simply
intoxicating. I've started keeping the jug of pinesol on the counter so
when I walk by I can open the lid and get a quick sniff. Alex has
contemplated banning me from this, but it seems he might not have to. My
giant 20 gallon Costco pinesol finally ran out and so I bought a
new/smaller one at Walmart. But I'm going through withdrawal. It
doesn't smell the same. In fact it smells kind of gross. Alex even
smelled it and verified that it doesn't smell the same. Thankfully I
found another bottle under the kid's bathroom sink. It doesn't have very
much left and will probably not last but a week. After which I may go
try and buy a new bottle. I still have 5 weeks of no sugar and have
found that a quick sniff of pinesol is an ok replacement for icecream. I
thought of posting this on my blog but am afraid I would get DSS called
to my home. I looked online, however, and found several other pregnant
women with the same queer fetish. One lady put it in a spray bottle and
would spray it around the house, which I thought was a good idea. I
decided not to subject Alex to that since he's really not fond of the
smell. Since I've been so bad about posting I would just
e-mail you.