Monday, April 12, 2010

Five Year Old Faith

On the car ride home from preschool today the following conversation took place....

Elise: Mom, did you know when you hear the trumpet sound and see the clouds roll back that Jesus is coming back?

Me: Yes, Elise I did know that.

Elise: Is it exciting?!?!

Me: Yes, it is very exciting to know Jesus is returning and we don't know when, but we keep watching and waiting.

Exciting news indeed that our risen living Lord will not stay in heaven forever, but will one day return for us!

Tonight in the bathroom after telling Elise all I wanted to do was lay down and sleep. ( I have a cold that is taking it out of me.)

Elise: Maybe at bedtime when we do prayers we could pray and ask God to help you feel better and heal you?

Me: Yes, Elise that would be a very good thing to pray.

Elise: We could pray now. Do you want to pray now?

Me: Yes!

Elise: (eyes closed head bowed) Dear God, Thank for today. Thank you for going to preschool. Please help mommy to feel better and heal her. Amen .

Again my five year old reminds me that we can pray any time, any place, for anything.