Saturday, January 31, 2009

4 Today

Four years ago today at 5:23 pm Tim and I fell in love with a little girl we'd waited nine months to see face to face. Sure you love them before they are born, but something happens when you first see, hold, touch your little baby for the first time... you fall in love. And in love we have been for the past four years. Elise is our oldest, youngest, favorite, not so favorite all rolled into a petite little blond 33 pound package of love. She is not always easy to parent, but she has always been easy to love. So we pause and celebrate a little girl who is four today. Thanks for teaching us a whole lot more about love.

Happy Birthday Elise!

mom & dad

Friday, January 30, 2009

Still Sick

Seriously! I think the health department is going to come and condemn our home as a breeding ground for germs. We took Elise in last evening to the urgent care because of course she didn't start crying that her ear hurt until after the doctors office was closed. They checked her ear three times, tested to see if the strep had returned, then tested for RSV and the results... NEGATIVE! So what have I learned when my daughter is not acting sick she probably IS sick, but if she is acting sick she probably is NOT sick.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sickingly Thankful

Here are the top ten reasons why I can be sick and thankful

1. Insurance
2. She is not acting sick!
3. We have a pediatrician that listens to my mommy instincts when I bring in a healthy child saying she has strep and croup.
4. She is not acting sick or whiny!
5. I can watch the missed bible study video online.
6. Did I mention she is not acting sick or clingy!
7. My husband called from work to check on us.
8. Still not acting sick.. if you don't count the barking cough!
9. Library videos allow me some time not spent entertaining my sick kid who stayed home from preschool today.
10. One last time... she is not acting sick!

Here a CoPay... There a CoPay... Everytime a CoPay

So our unhealthy start to the year has continued into a month long sick-a thon! Elise is home from preschool (AGAIN) because she has croup. If it were not for the nasty croup cough it would be hard to tell she is sick. And just so she would not be the only sicky in the family I got pink eye to join in the fun. Tim is the only one who has somehow avoided all the fun!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Not Dead... Even Better

My washing machine is up and working for only $115 :) Elise is 24+ hours of being on antibiotics and is still showing no signs of being sick:) My husband came home early from work on a Friday:) Elise is still down for her very late nap:) And me, well my cold is still sticking around, but I have had some quiet time with the Lord and now am enjoying some quiet time with my husband:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unhealthy New Year

I started 2009 with stomach bug. It was only a 24 hour thing, but it was a very painful 24 hours. Now I've caught a cold which I can't seem to kick. Then just yesterday morning Elise started complaining her throat hurt. We went to the doctor that afternoon more for peace of mind and to get the okay to go to preschool. And guess who stayed home from preschool because she has strep! I honestly can't complain she is not acting sick in the slightest. The doctor almost did not do the test because Elise looked and acted so okay, but I decided since I made the effort and paid the money I should at least get proof it was just a cold. And just for fun my washing machine decided to get sick in the middle of my last load of laundry! Again I can't complain because it was my last load, I finished it at my parent's who lives a couple a streets from me and the repair guy is coming (for a reasonable price) in the morning to see the machine is just sick or completely dead. So stay tuned it... well... I'm hoping it can't get any worse.