Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Official

The above pictures is our copy of the Final Decree of Adoption. On September 15, 2009 Corinna entered our hearts. On September 16,2009 Corinna entered our home. Today March 26, 2010 Corinna Lynne Bennett entered our family forever! We loved her when we first saw her in the hospital, we loved when we entered the court room to finalize, and we loved her leaving the court house. It was all very official and formal. We had to raise our right hands and swear that our testimony was truthful. After answering a series of questions the magistrate decreed the adoption final! It was all so simple yet the meaning behind this piece of paper is very profound. And before I share some pictures from our day let me share with you what I want to always remember when I look back at this day.

The teary eyes of my mother when we walked into the court house. She looked just like the day we brought Corinna home for the first time, only this time her eyes seem to say welcome to the family.

Tim pushing Corinna around the mall in the stroller. He was one proud and protective daddy today.

Elise singing to Corinna "You are a Bennett- it's official" over and over on the car ride home.

Holding my sweet baby girl tonight as she fell asleep in my arms knowing today only gave me a piece of paper to prove what my heart has always known to be true Corinna Lynne Bennett is my daughter.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picture Bragging

I took the girls to Target to get pictures taken. I could not decide on a package partly due to cost and partly due to the limiting number of pictures in a package. So I paid the price and got at CD which contains 30 pictures which I can do whatever I want with. Here is what I have done so far.....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 Years and 5 Months

So for the past month I had fun saying I have a five year old and a five month old. Well tomorrow all that changes... Corinna will be six months old. (Thankfully Elise will still be 5!) I know I keep saying it, but time keeps passing too fast. This past month feels that way especially as Corinna has started eating solids, rolling over, sitting up (still a little unstable) and teething (two in one week!). My baby is so quickly growing up it is hard to remember her as an infant just six months ago. She is so sweet and has a smile for everyone. She is laughing a lot more, but we can't get video because she becomes mute when she sees the video camera. Tomorrow we are off to the doctor for our six month well baby check and a five year old check as well. So if you think of it pray for me and the girls at 1:30 tomorrow not sure what one mom+ two girls getting shots=