Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God's Writing Our Adoption Story

Okay, so my title gives away our big news, but we want to give God all the glory for all He is doing! If I started at the beginning this post would look more like a novel. So here is the cliff notes version. It has been about a two year journey of miscarriages and medical testing, heartache and healing, stubbornness and submission, waiting and praying. We clung to a promise from God that our joy would be made complete with the second. The hard part of a promise is that it's God's promise, to fulfill at His timing, in His own way! The best part of a promise from God is that He always 100% of the time fulfills His promises! There is much, much more to our story than I have written and maybe someday I'll post it here, but for now here is where we are in the process:

Application Accepted- Check
Homestudy Approval- Check
16 Hours State Required Training- Check
Birth Mother Book- Check
Waiting for Match- yep, here is where we are... waiting.... still waiting...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Snow Day

When Elise discovered it had snowed overnight she quickly announced "I want to go play in the snow!" I told her she could go outside after breakfast. So at 8:30 am Elise was outside wearing snow boot a size too small, gloves and hat from last season, and pajama pant as snow pants. As you can see by the pictures the 33 degree snowy weather didn't keep her from having fun.

We came inside to warm up and drink some hot cocoa. While making the cocoas I found Elise sitting on the heater vent!