Sunday, August 31, 2008

2 Girls and a Museum

Last Wednesday Elise and I headed to Denver to go to the Children's Museum with Roxanne and Naomi. The girls had a great time and we discovered some fun new things.

Little girls make cute firefighters.

Contrary to what Noami may tell you to make you feel better, painting is an ability. You either have it or you don't and well, Elise and I don't!

Each girl found their niche and possible future job at the supermarket. Roxanne the shopper and Elise the cashier.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Broken and Behind

I have managed to break both our home computer and my iPod within a week of each other. So my access to electronic devices has been limited. Tim is bravely allowing me time on his laptop and I love him for sharing! So for your reading pleasure here is the latest beauty, business, and babble for the Bennetts.

Missing Items
have been found and returned!!! The digital camera case and battery charger was found in our tent pocket when camping in July. The scrapbook paper case was found in an acquaintance's car and was passed to several people before making it home to me. Why are these under beauty? Two reasons first and I think most important I am not losing it as neither items where found in my house! Secondly it is a beautiful thing that both items have been found!

I am thinking of starting my own business called Bird Bowls. After two days of catching a bird, using a bowl, trapped in our bedroom window, I feel confident that my skills are very marketable. Elise will do my PR because she says it best, "If a bird comes in our window, you get the bowl and catch the bird and let it go." Maybe I should patten this process.

A few of my favorite Elise words.

"Lickertish" Licorish
"Pain Nolish" Toe Nail Polish
"B-arski's" Family friends last name Bednarski's
"Hi Naughty Daddy" A greeting to Tim, when he comes home from work and says to her " Hi, silly monkey."

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Becca's Birthday

I tried to think of 33 way to say Happy Birthday, but I am not good at foreign languages. I was going to think of 33 things I love about Becca, but there are way more than 33. So I decided three Colorado camping families would work too! Happy Birthday Becca!

In case you can't see what is in the foreground, it the number 33 made from camping supplies, a chair, lantern, broom ect. Why 33? It's how old Becca is turning! (Sorry Becca)