Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Review in Numbers

You can all thank Aimee for giving me the inspiration for this post!

9- the number of days Becca and family were in town for Christmas

5- the number of days Matthew and family were in town for Christmas

15+ the number of people in the Haverland clan 8 adults 7 children (the + is the little one in Becca's tummy)

30- the number of toes I painted for the cousins slumber party at our house

29- the date of this month that I turned 31 (I think turning 30 was worse!)

2+ the number of times I vomited after my birthday dinner (the plus is the number of times I was in the bathroom, but not vomiting)

5- the number of grandkids that can sleep in one room at grandma's

3.75- the number of ounces in the vaseline jar that Brooke smeared all over herself and grandma's night stand

14- the number of bath related items in a great big gift from my mother-in-law (she's the best!)

2- the number of naps Elise had during the week of Christmas with cousins (she did surprisingly well without naps and thankfully she is back to normal napping since then!!)

20- the temperature outside when we took a Haverland family picture at Helen Keller Park

2- the number of surprises from my husband at Christmas- lip balm and a necklace... my husband has the best test!!

100+ the number of Christmas cookies, fudge and other yummy items that me (and my family) consumed

7- the number of different games played duirng the week of Christmas

12:30am- it's a number in time... it is also how late we kept Alex and Becca up til before having to drive to Kansas the next day (thanks for the great week and fun times)

Friday, December 19, 2008

For Naomi

UPDATED: Apparently my nephew and niece don't believe in Santa! We don't push Santa either and Elise will tell you "he just pretend".

Pray they don't get run over by a reindeer,
Drivin down from Denver for Christmas fun.
You may say there is such thing as Santa
But as for Rocket and Roxanne, they DON'T believe!

She'll bring her new dog Friday
and we beg her to leave Ruby!
She'll leave a cat named Necklace,
but she bring the fam we know and love so much!

T Minus...and Counting

Here is your song Becca! We can't wait to see everyone!

Over I-70 and through the snow
to Grandma's house they go.
They'll start at twilight
and drive through the night
to make it here by Saturday!

Over the mountains and through the passes
to Grandma's house they go.
They have books on CD
and some great DVD's
to help pass the 18 hour drive!

Over the week and into Christmas
at Grandma's house they'll stay.
We'll play all day long
and talk all night long
until our fun is done!

Over to Kansas and through the flat lands
to another Grandma's house they go.
We'll cry when leave
and we'll try not to grieve
the fun week we all just shared!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Caught Peeking

Preschool Christmas Songs

I will warn you these videos are not great quality, but to me they are cute.

Christmas at Preschool

Yesterday was Elise's preschool Christmas program. This was a "first" for us. It seems we are on a new path of "firsts" and with that come "lasts". While my heartaches for the lasts, it also rejoices at the newness of firsts.

More Thanksgiving Catch Up

Tim some how beat me to posting about our trip to Tucson for Thanksgiving... well really he only posted pictures from our stop in Albuquerque. Enjoy!