Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4 Months Old

Corinna is four months old and I am pretty sure my mom has taken more pictures of her than I have. She is now 13lbs 13 oz and 23 1/2 inches long. Her hair is still red and stands up on end in the back. She is sleeping through the night again!!! (She stopped sleeping through the night in December when she got sick with a cold.) Corrina has found her voice and loves to babble, but has only laughed a hand full of times. She is extremely smiley and social. We tried rice cereal for the first time last night and she took the spoon, eating, swallowing and very quickly almost finished off the bowl!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Important Date in 2010

This post has been on my heart since about the middle of December. I am posting it now so you can join in the celebration of praising God for what He has done!

January 31st 2010 I officially have a five year old! I am not sure how we got to this birthday so quickly. I remember time standing still when Elise was born and now it passes faster than I can keep up. Here is Elise making her five year old wish! (I will post more about her first and possibly only Chuck E Cheese party).

(I will post more about her first and possibly only Chuck E Cheese party.)

March 19th 2010 at 11:00 am at the Douglas County Court House with business attire required the Bennett family will forever legally be a family of 4! In our hearts Corinna has been a part of family since the time we laid eyes on her in the hospital, but I must confess there was a since of excited relief knowing that for the rest of all our lives she will Corinna Lynne Bennett, our daughter, Elise's sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin.

July 15th 2010 will mark ten, yes ten years for marriage for my sweet husband and I! I feel like this is a big milestone in our lives, yet as we look ahead it is a mere drop in the bucket. I would not trade a single moment of these past ten years. I would marry him all over again in a heartbeat. I love you, Tim and look forward to the next ten years and the next ten after that, and well until death do us part.

2009 Wrap Up

Since my mom seems to update her blog more often than me I am taking the easy way out and showing you what the last couple of months included for us....
1. Some Pre- Christmas Fun
2. Some Christmas Cuteness
3. Some Hands on Christmas

Thanks Mom!