Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Daddy

Tim became a dad for the first time January 31st, 2005 when Elise was born. This picture of Tim kissing Elise is one of my all time favorites. (My mom took the picture!) So when Corinna was born September 15th, 2009 making Tim a dad for a second time I had to stage a kissing picture. I love these pictures side by side revealing the moment Tim fell in love with his sweet precious daughters.

Tim is the wonderful dad. I am often in awe of his ability to parent with what seems to be ease. He is a natural teacher allowing the girls to listen, watch and participate in whatever the task at hand might be. His explanations are simple, to the point, and on their level. We jokingly say, "Tim's lot in life is to be surrounded by beautiful girls." He takes the girly-ness of our household in stride. He can play dolls, pretend, and yes the occasional dress up with the best of them. He is one incredible dad and I blessed to watch him love and parent our sweet girls!

Happy Father's Day Tim!

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Timmay!! said...

Thanks Sweet Bear. You girls are the best!!!