Saturday, September 29, 2012

Corinna's 3rd Birthday= No More Paci

September 15th, 2009 was the day our little red head entered this world and captured our hearts.  September 15th, 2012 was the day she said goodbye to her paci and became our "big girl".

For months leading up to her birthday we had been repeating, "When you turn three, no more paci!"  We had been making such a big deal out of turning three and becoming a "big girl".  So it was only fitting that at her 3rd birthday party we said a big good bye to her paci. 

We were prepared to loose sleep that first night, but in true Corinna fashion she surprised us all by being a big girl and went right to sleep no problems.  Oh, since that first night we had whining, crying and screaming, but for the most part she is doing really well without her beloved paci.
Happy Birthday Corinna Bean!  You continue to keep us on our toes.  You are a challenge one minute, cracking us up the next, and then melting us with your sweetness.  Your confidence, independence, and passion are simply amazing.   We love you our big three year old girl!

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